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When creativity can be felt better than seen…what a pity in life not to share whatthe mind truly has to offer 

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DeeTheBlogger Moments….

11382948_1614492855495337_1162314344_nStay tuned because I wanna take you on a little trip with me.  Enjoy my random photos from my trip. When my trip is over, I’ll post a link from YouTube, vlogging the entire time. I can’t wait to take you with me!!!

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What do you mean, “F*ck the police and f*ck the military”?

Okay here’s a quick back-story and I want to know your thoughts. I was on the phone with someone who has an obvious hatred for United States law enforcement and the military. 

Even if you live outside of the United States, how do you feel about theor military and law enforcement personally? Here is the link to the discussion and you can respond here so we can keep the dialogue open: 

Read This – Facebook Discussion


Happy Monday

9b5b86492770a6660292b0356c907586Are you being creative today? spend some time to pick up an old hobby that made you smile (no, don’t pick up your phone and text your ex. They are an ‘ex’ for a reason, lol). What’s Your Chic