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UNG65204_mnt_0_1024x1024So today, let’s take a more realistic approach to a bodycon dress. Why do we wear them? Because we want to look smaller in the waist and curvy in others. No matter if you are petite or plus size, with the right design, color and material, any lady can look gorgeous in a bodycon. The intention is not to ‘hide’ your curves, but to flatter them. Don’t be afraid to wear a bodycon, no matter your body type. What will matter is how your feel in it. Does it do what you expected? Yes? Well, congrats, you are on your way to conquering the misconception that bodycon dresses are made to give an illusion. Embrace your beauty. Try our Asymmetrical Wrap Bodycon Dress along with our others at What’s Your Chic.


Here for the fashion!

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