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Artist: Kimberly Crick

GorgWhile surfing through the internet for days, looking for formatting ideas and art to assist me in bringing more traffic to my blog and online store, I had to absolute pleasure of discovering an artist by the name of Kimberly Crick. While very little is known of this artist personally, as most captivating artist do, Crick has given to the world in the form of art. While this enchanting artiste has a stand-alone website named The Enchanted Gallery, Crick has also contributed to the widely known and used background website DeviantArt under the username of EnchantedGal. With over 260k views of Crick’s work, there’s no wonder why people are drawn to this artist’s work. Textures that seem to grab you and art that seems to tell a story all its own, I humbly give credit to my upcoming change of themes inspired and directed derived from this artist. Thank you in advance for inspiring myself and others with your contribution to art. Please don’t forget to check out this artist’s website and artwork on DeviantArt. ♥


Here for the fashion!

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