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Chic Of The Day – Concrete Jungle

Chmbray Button Up High-Low Dress.jpgThis dress reminds me of urban royalty. Design made for luxury with a downplay in the form of denim. I think the denim brings this dress down to reality, but such a striking and captivating design brings class to this piece of artwork. Seeing something like this in a store would make me walk past it over and over again, wondering what kind of statement I could make with such a simple, yet artistic piece of work. I am happy to say that this Chambray Button-Up High-Low Dress is available on What’s Your Chic. Keep in mind if you no longer see an item on my site, send me an email at JustBadGurl@gmail.com and I can still get it for you. I’m so happy to have you as my blog-follower and thank you for tagging along with me on this journey. Although its pretty difficult to see each blog you post, trust me, I try to do the best I can. Please follow, comment, and leave suggestions to make this blog and my store sites better. 



  1. Pretty dress, unfortunately the style is too young for me, but I can appreciate it nevertheless! Just as I appreciate your follow of my blog. Welcome to my community 🙂

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