Girls’ Vaca coming soon💐

Okay so, What’s Your Chic is developing a profile on YouTube. Yes, can you believe it???? Between being here on WordPress and YouTube, I believe it’ll give you more of an open view of how I go on about life as a self-proclaimed blogger. With that being said, feel free to email me questions about anything: myself, how I got into owning my own business…any questions and I would love to vlog a Q&A and post them here and on YouTube. I’ll also be vlogging some of my friends and people in my community, especially since the recent flood here in Louisiana. My email is: I’m also going to start bringing in my friend Natalie who is a phenomenal hairstylist and entrepreneur. She and I will be taking a business/vacation trip to the Dominican Republic next month and I would love to take you there with us!!!! I’ll be vlogging and taking lots of photos and sharing them with you.

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Chic Me – Trilogy Spa, Manhattan Beach🍹

So, you’ll learn as we travel and go through life together that I have a love for things….nice things💕. With a little research and venturing out, I’ve also learned that you don’t have to spend a fortune to enjoy the better things in life. Hence my discovery of a day, no….pampering spa on Manhattan Blvd. in Manhattan Beach, CA. It’s called Trilogy Spa✨  I am a lover of local businesses and actively seek them out. First off, the setting of the spa compared to the surroundings are like night and day. I’m here during the weekday hustle of traffic and honking horns, and difficult places to park so if you are coming here, word of advice: Uber to your locations. Trilogy Spa provides a serene atmosphere…not only because it’s a spa, but because of the staff and quality of produces and services. The staff here is EXTREMELY friendly and an absolute treat to converse with, as soon as you come

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How to Get Businesses to Advertise on Your Website (2 min read) — The Millionaire’s Digest

Anonymous Question: “I created a website that I think will actually make people want to view advertisements. I need ads before I can get traffic, but advertisers want traffic first. What do you suggest?” Our Response: “Monetizing your website with ads is a challenging business model. As you’ve pointed out, the best way to be […] via How to Get Businesses to Advertise on Your Website (2 min read) — The Millionaire’s Digest

Chic Of The Day – 304 Squad

On of my many appreciated designers that I am more than fortunate to work with. Swag beyondd swag in this hoodie and bottoms to match. Sorry my friends, but the summer is slowly coming to an end and it time to move on with a sense of readiness. Since I’ve been here in Cali these past couple days, versatility is the key to successful chic, no matter what time of the day. Check out 304 Squad Hoodie and their 304 Squad Jog pants. Please enjoy your day and visit us at What’s Your Chic Enjoy😎