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StreetStyle is not a bad word

When I look into my closet, there is a brief sense of who I am at that point in my life, or at least where I’ve been. If there are things that are inside my closet that make me smile I keep them, like my colorful sweater that I wore while I was pregnant with my son (which was 11 years ago-yes I know the sweater has to go♥). 

Now, there are some clothes that make me wrinkle my nose, like the bridesmaid dress I wore to my sister’s wedding. Although it was a descent dress, there’s this shadowing thought in the back of my brain that she wanted everyone to look slightly tacky while she looked like Miss Universe….but hey, it was her day. 🤔

Then, there is that part of my closet that seems to have its own agenda…as if it was defining what I may have been going through or what  I may have been enjoying in life. Then as I looked through it, I realized something: there was no timeline to these clothing, but they were the clothes that no matter how much of it I threw away, I found some way to replenish it. My street clothes. 

No matter how much I evolved in life, I always seek some level in comfort in my ‘favorite pair of jeans’ (you know the ones that didn’t have that hole in it when you bought them, lol) and those graphic tees with the slightly offensive quotes on the front that truly mean what you feel (some of mine say: Leave Me Alone/My name is not Susan/I chose Military Police because Bad-Ass Bitch was not considered an official occupation in the Army).
Among these shirts and jeans I loved were dresses also…the dresses I wore with sneakers. Let me share something with you; yes, I’m aware girls wore dresses and sneakers on the west coast because I’ve seen it, but when I see it, it reminds me of the time I spent in Georgia and my weekends in Brooklyn, ready to meet up with my friends to eat and then go shopping. That makes me 😊

There’s a special love for street style and what I’ve also noticed is that no matter your age or financial situation, you have a sense of street style. Its in all of us.  Stripped Dress blog 5 AUG 2016Here is our dedication to the street, yet still soft side of those weekends at 10:00 heading to brunch with the girlfriends. This soft knit ‘Release Me’ no stress shoulder dress is my small contribution to those days. Check it out and the others at What’s Your Chic.

Here for the fashion!

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