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When your friend Isn’t at their best…#BlogMood

   Listen friend, you have that one friend that’s close to you and it seems when they are having a negative time, it passes on to you? Its basic negative energy that can be transferred between two people, or from others we don’t know. That type of energy doesn’t just evaporate….it can linger, or you can choose to accept it. It can be gripping, coming in the form of things you don’t like the most, such as conflict. That’s why self-understanding and love is so important. 

In no way do I condone drinking or smoking, which can be easily interpreted in a literal term in the lyrics of what I’m about to share. Despite saying such a thing, the lyrics are much more important than any other element of this song. Just a little mental blog for my late morning start. You have a friend, say something positive to them. They may need your words…or your attention. Sometimes people don’t want your opinion to assist them in solving an issue. It may be that one time that your friend just needs someone to simply listen.



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