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Party Of One – Raw Beauty with no fear💐

IMG_0137First off, I want to say thank you for all the support on my blog and my store, What’s Your Chic. I have other projects coming up, such as more contest with Polyvore and another upcoming store, in which Im sure my followers will love just as much as I will developing it.

This post is personal….very personal. I was reluctant to let my audience know who I am, being a black woman with a mixture of nationalities (French, Native American, Korean), but my fear was my business would lack success because people will just see ‘black’. I decided to post this picture of myself to let my followers put a face with my work. I have stepped out and with no fear (no makeup either – geesh). I love you all and hope you look at my creativity despite my color.

Enjoy and love you all♥



What’s Your Chic, LLC


    1. Thank you💃🏽I added you on my Twitter and Pinterest and retweeted you and post your blog on my Facebook. Many wishes of success with your creativity✌🏾️💕

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