Chic Of The Day – Bomber Jackets!

ung69260_lv_0_f14920a8-bf9e-4790-8ccb-5ca79604816a_1024x1024The bomber jacket is one of my favorite pieces of clothing. They are versatile and no matter what you wear with it, the bomber jacket seems to only accent and bring more ‘pop’ to your outfit. Buy one like this Charmeuse Floral Bomber Jacket


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Chic Of The Day

So long as there is time, its never too late to reinvent yourself. ‘Princess Serene’ Long Sleeve Midi Dress.

Your Chic. Your Style.

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Chic of the Day – Who’s going to transition first🤔

Oh my Ms. Thing,  you sure you ready to leave the summer behind you? But you were having so much fun…🙂
There’s always the option to tread the line in a two-piece bodycon for a night to hang out in. What’s Your ChicWhatsYourChic contest

I’m loving this set, made by lorrainekeenan on Polyvore. Enjoy your day. Message me, I’d love to hear from you♥


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