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Angelina and Brad….whoa🤐


  1. You know, I’ve noticed that anything that happens with Brad Pitt and the media gets the scoop on it, it’s something major? Am I the only one that notices? I mean, it never fails with him. Just really ‘odd’ that’s it’s rarely anything positive that he’s doing.

  2. He left Jennifer.! She left him.! Deserved it.! – Says the Angrier me.!
    But its ok if they decide to part ways. No one knows what circumstances they went through.!After all they are human 🙂 -Says the Mature Me
    Well the second one is kinda fact.! :/

    1. I like both sides of you😀 but like the other person said, it does seem like there’s just nothing positive with Brad Pitt and it seemed like it began when he left Jennifer. Who leaves Jennifer? She’s like the girl-next-door. I think that’s where it went downhill for Brad but…..the grass isn’t always greener on the other side either🤗😑

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