Cute Addition to your wardrobe❤︎

ung69261_blc_2_f4dff729-59db-4442-817a-5e9388ff9820_2048x2048Take on the fall season with this Floral Print Hooded Sweater, available at What’s Your Chic.

Chic of the Day – When We Kissed

Happy Friday! Fall is here and that means it’s time to get creative with your evening attire. When We Kissed lace dress adds class to the classy✨ 

Chic Of The Day – Monday Heat

wyc-men                                                    This model has defitintely got my attention.
Such exciting piece of man and shirt. Available  (the shirt, not the model) at: What’s Your Chic

What’s Your Chic

Another addition to Polyvore from our ‘Born Rebellious’ collection.Skirt


Skirt (available at What’s Your Chic)