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Winter with @WhatsYourChic


Long sweater

Frame stretch jeans
$57 –

Short boots


Slate & Willow long earrings

Kate spade watch


This set was made with a comping of light makeup from Estée Lauder, available on Amazon.
Enjoy our exotic and wide range of beautiful clothing at What’s Your Chic.What's Your Chic 29


Mid calf dress

Mid calf dress

Open-toe pumps

Hoop earrings

Creations like these are done on the Polyvore app, available on Google App and iOS. What is so humbling is that this platform allows artists like Sena87 to couple my clothing with major brands, putting my boutique on the same format with stores like Macy’s, Neiman Marcus, and other major and historical brands. Thank you from What’s Your Chic.
What's Your Chic 19


White dress

Liliana metallic pumps

White shoulder bag