WhatsYourChic on YouTube

    So I am fulfilling what I said I was going to do, and that was to launch my own YouTube Channel. On top of all ready being nervous about sharing with the world via social media, I would get comments from family members on how ‘to’ and ‘not to’ act.  Uhhh…nope, not having it. 

I enjoy sharing my free spirit with my viewers. No I’m not always sweet and no, I won’t always bat my eyelashes like a damn bunny, but I’m doing what’s most important….being myself. Yes,  I curse a little, but being yourself does not request approval and I am sure there will be people out there who will respect that. I respect the spirit world and everyone’s opinion – this is blog and my YouTube Channel are my places to share mine. Now….with that being said….I don’t know if I shared this video yet but here it is:

I’ll be posting another soon, hopefully this evening. Enjoy!!!!!

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"Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts." - Winston S. Churchill

Here for the fashion!

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