Female Game-Heads: We are out here!!!

    So let me tell you that I am a MAJOR GAME-HEAD!!!!!! I’m not afraid to admit it and I tell you, its such a unique and enchanting thing, if you are a true gamer. You see, there are several ‘types’ of game-heads out there, in which I’m sure they will not take offense.

You have the ‘Legendary Gamer’, who is old enough to remember when the first ‘The Legend Of Zelda’ came out and was absolutely blown away by the graphics, but more so by the story line. If I’m not mistaken, the first ‘Elder Scrolls’ came out a few years later.

      While I am not old enough to remember nor did I even have an interest in ‘The Legend Of Zelda’, I do appreciate it as being one of the major breakthroughs in gaming. Sorry, but no, I’m not acknowledging ‘Super Mario Bros.‘, ‘Super TemcoBowl‘, or ‘Mike Tyson’s PunchOut‘ and here is the reason why: no matter what type of gamer you are, these games were bound to catch your attention because gaming on a console was still in it’s infancy stage – everyone was curious about these games.

Now, let’s fast-forward to the gaming era that I fall into: The ‘Enchanted Gamer‘. This particular gamer was not into Zelda, but got hooked when Diablo II came to PC and Final Fantasy VII was introduced to the PlayStation console. While the graphics had me completely STUNNED

diabloDiablo II on PC, courtesy of :www.gamefaqs.com

there was something absolutely fascinating about picking up a game console and/or getting on the PC, knowing that I was in for a new adventure. Diablo II kept the gamer constantly on edge and even provided some of the first PvP actually worth playing! Stay tuned, I’ll continue with my love and constant devotion to gaming over the years.

– Dee TheBlogger

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