Journey of a Female Gamer

While ‘Final Fantasy VII’ is commonly know as one of the best games in its era, let’s take a look at what was catching my eye around this that time up until about…

Chrono Cross 

321370-chronocross_b3_048cccharactersdialoguechrono_cross_437401788chrono-cross-battlecourtesy of SquareSoft

While Final Fantasy VII was known as one of the best RPGs at that time (and still known to have one of the best storylines), the game Chrono Cross was introduction into RPG gaming. Not only was it an awesome game for the PlayStation console, there was a storyline with free play, turn-based gaming and a title of about 52 playable characters. It was my favorite game until I got my hands on:

Final Fantasy VII

courtesy of SquareSoft

While Final Fantasy VII (FF8)’s storyline reminded me more of the daytime soap opera ‘The Young and the Restless’, its brought solidified the turn-based gaming experience for gamers like me on PlayStation. Here are more that I got hooked on:

Valkyrie Profile 2ss-044-2

courtesy of SquareSoft

Clock Tower 3


courtesy of CAPCOM


Elder Scrolls: Oblivion


courtesy of Bethesda 


Elder Scrolls: Skyrim


courtesy of Bethesda

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