What It Takes fashion set

    Rarely is there an outfit, let alone a dress the can grab everyone’s attention. Its usually a rare, daring and striking design. Enter this bandage dress. When a dress is so stunning you can’t dress it up or down….just simply get on its level or get out of the way. You are welcome 🔥🔥🔥   WhatsYourChic.com 20 by blagica92 featuring bandage dresses Bandage dress whatsyourchic.com Blue dress whatsyourchic.com Bandage dress whatsyourchic.com Black stiletto shein.com INC International Concepts chain strap purse macys.com  

Neutral Balance fashion set

    Color-block on a bandage dress…..yes! Marry it with a pair of black Maison Margiela black heels and show off you willingness to be the point of interest with a white Fendi handbag. Automatic diplomatic immunity 💎   WhatsYourChic.com 21 by blagica92 featuring color block dresses Color block dress whatsyourchic.com Color block dress whatsyourchic.com Maison Margiela velvet shoes matchesfashion.com Fendi white purse barneys.com  

Backless Bandage Maxi fashion set

    One of the beautiful this about being here and contributing to this blog is my ability to bring you not only makeup products, but fashion as well. One of my favorite things to see are the beautiful fashion sets made by our international lovers of What’s Your Chic. I absolutely love the way that other designers, accessories, and even makeup are incorporated into each set in such a creative way.  From the United States, to Brazil, to Russia…..even Bosnia these fashion sets have been apart of the What’s Your Chic family and we love you all for it! Get into the beautiful backless bandage dress from our website What’s Your Chic, paired with a bow stilettos and a stunning Manolo Blahnik clutch. Really, who can go wrong with a Manolo?   WhatsYourChic.com 25 by blagica92 featuring backless maxi dresses Backless maxi dress whatsyourchic.com Backless maxi dress whatsyourchic.com WithChic bow shoes $43 – withchic.com Manolo Blahnik chain purse $1,585 – savannahs.com  

ULTA, What are you DOING???

      So while I try to take it upon myself to have the weekends to relax and catch up the week’s events, nothing can put salt in your lemonade like a badly placed sale from your favorite store. Check out this link:  Ulta’s 21 Days of Beauty sale    While to an ordinary shopper who is not makeup-focused, it looks like an awesome series of sales spanning over 21 days on a well-known makeup store’s website. To some of us, like myself, I was notified via generated text message from the company only a few moments ago. Although I did see someone make a YouTube video about it this morning, I didn’t get a sense of ‘omg’ until I looked at it for myself. As a Platinum Rewards member with Ulta, I was a bit surprised to see some of my favorite products on the list of makeup and skincare that will be on sale. Now….not just any sale, I’m

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Weekend Matte fever

There’s not much more sassy than perfect makeup, matte lipstick and a dress to steal the show.  Time to enjoy the weekend!   What’s your chic? by merima-kopic featuring pointed-toe pumps Gold dress shophnh.com Manolo Blahnik pointed-toe pumps bergdorfgoodman.com Handbag purse impavidgirl.com Brass bangle whatsyourchic.com Toiletry bag whatsyourchic.com ‘Hues of Love’ dress whatsyourchic.com Mix Mingle Luxury Gloss whatsyourchic.com      

Now That The Party Has Started

  Let the Party Start…. by cindy88 featuring la diva handbags White color dress whatsyourchic.com Overlay dress whatsyourchic.com Overlay dress whatsyourchic.com Saks potts coat $2,005 – stylebop.com Checkerboard shoes whatsyourchic.com La diva handbag dsw.com Maybelline loose powder makeup maybelline.com Chloé edp perfume $125 – nelly.com ‘Hues of Love’ dress whatsyourchic.com  

Holographic and glitter makeup favs UNDER $15 🔥🔥🔥

    While I have spent my share hours of my little life in front of a mirror, attempting to do my makeup before a date, important events, or just a day to cover blemishes, one trend that has gotten the masses out to the makeup aisles…..holographic and glitter makeup. Yes, dear reader, I am aware that your favorite YouTube beauty gurus have attempted to kill the holographic/glitter craze of 2017 but the reality is….it just takes some of us normal people time to come around to what the latest trend is. Sometimes the latest trends don’t fit into our lifestyle in which we have transitional time in which we come around to trying new makeup ideas. Other times, new makeup trends cost us not only our time, but extra money. That’s right, it can tend to put a dent in other everyday things that are standard so, buying new makeup can be considered a ‘treat yourself’ moment, let alone a

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