✨Being A Blogger with no name ✨ Pt. 1 (#FashionXAustin) – Austin, TX

    While the fashion community is a bit tensed right now (all over the world, actually) with this …..I’ll call it the ‘Polyvore Scandal’, I want to step away and give you insight into my own experiences that I have been going through in the realm of fashion. 

 If you are following me on other social media platforms (check my social media links under my photo 👈🏽👈🏽), you’ll notice that I’m not only a blogger, but have worn a few hats in my time here on this Earth.  As a military veteran and law enforcement veteran, being a blogger has proven to be challenging in itself. Despite that, I make an over-extended effort to come out of hiding in my office and attend these events so that I can share them with you  😃

I am sure you are wondering where this is coming from and, to be quite frank with my audience, it has been something that I have labored over. When you read my thoughts and opinions on experiences I have bared witness to, please do not lose the fact that I am just like you, an audience to what is around me or that in which I am exposed to. I bring those experiences to you here, in this blog. 

While on the road driving nearly seven hours to Austin, Texas for Fashion Week, my mind kept going back to my first Fashion Week, which took place in New Orleans a few weeks prior. It was as if I was meant to be there, although I knew no one. As a blogger, I had access to the runway just as the other social media and press entities had. Its probably the only reason this Fashion Week was difficult to digest. I know little about being on this side of the camera or how smaller media entities are treated. With that in mind, I will look at each fashion event as a learning lesson. While I was in a bad position and had little opportunity to take good photos to share with you, out of nearly 600 photos, I can bring to you the ones I am sharing in this post.

     I have no information on the designers to credit or link their work so you can further research them, their brand, stores, or their collections directly. Please enjoy what I have brought back to you and I hope that as I become more fluent in the way in which things operate for small social media platforms as mine, I hope to bring you better content references.

Enjoy your day ✨

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3 thoughts on “✨Being A Blogger with no name ✨ Pt. 1 (#FashionXAustin) – Austin, TX

  1. Attending Fashion Week (anywhere) Is SO exciting and I am so happy you got to experience that hun! And you are doing an AMAZING job! I love your pictures they are stunning! I hope you have a blast in Austin! <3

Here for the fashion!

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