BITE Beauty

    Periodically, I like to bring to you an overview of cosmetic companies that are out there, but are not something we see or talk about on a daily basis. Yes, everyone that’s into makeup has their favorite brands they like to wear and other major brands that they like to watch to see what comes out next. We often like to take to social media and see our favorite beauty gurus try on the products we aren’t too sure about. But what about the other brands that we don’t see often tested on social media? How do we even hear about these brands if no one is trying them on and talking about them?

Bite Beauty
Some of the shades from BITE Beauty

     One of the brands that we don’t really hear about is BITE Beauty. Now, while it seems like the only place you may have stubbled across BITE Beauty is likely a Sephora, BITE is well known in certain regions for their BITE Lip Labs. Located in Toronto, New York, and San Francisco, these lip labs provide you an opportunity to make your own custom shade of lipstick.

     So when you make an appointment, you go into the Lip Lab to select from over 200 shades, determine your scent (if you want one), and texture (soft matte, classic, etc.). What could be more exclusive than creating your own lipstick?

     Besides the amazing and innovative Lip Labs available to the beauty community, BITE Beauty provides lip shades not only for the lips, but some are encouraged to use on the cheeks, and eyelids. Known as the Multistick, this lippy is said to be made of 35% powder, which contributes to it applying as a cream but finishes as a powder. The Multistick is also said to be made of organic and food-based products that are actually good for your skin. 

     Another collection known exclusively to come from BITE Beauty is the Amuse Bouche. This collection of lipsticks consists of 34 shades said to be made from a collection of 12 natural oils. This collection has gotten accalades from ‘Into The Gloss, Top 25 Products of 2017’ and the Nylon Beauty Hit List of 2017, to name a few.

     If you are interested in this product, click any of the above links in this article. You can also get your hands on these beauties at your local Sephora beauty store.


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