Cashmere sweater

Brown jacket


‘Hues of Love’ dress

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Hey Babes 🦋
     Here’s a frequently asked question that seems to go without a definite answer: What is the difference between a bandage dress and a bodycon dress?
Well, when we go looking for a bodycon dress, which is more commonly looked-for, we seem to seek out what will make us look more ‘curvy’. Oftentimes, we search for bandage dresses, expecting the same thing. A bodycon dress is a dress usually made with polyester that hugs the body in a smooth manner. On the other hand, a bandage dress is just that – bandage fitting. Bandage dresses can be made in layers or gives the appearance of the dress overlaying like bandages, but still giving a bodycon silhouette. Hope my input was some help to you.
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Chic, plush, and a great vision of a weekend in the winter. Enjoy this set from @styleton in the Ukraine. 
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Pullover sweater

Blue jacket

Yves Saint Laurent bootie boots
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‘Hues of Love’ dress

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One of our friends on definitely has winter in mind when it came to making this fashion set. That leather jacket really pulls this fashion statement together! Thank you @lalolana from Croatia!!!


Pullover sweater

Leather jacket

PS Paul Smith slim fit jeans
$125 –

‘Hues of Love’ dress


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I hope that you are enjoying your weekend, I definitely am! I got some emails about which type of hair I like to use for my hair units. There are many that I can think of, but one in particular is the brand Soul Lady. This company can be found on Aliexpress. 

In this video, I give my own person opinion. I bought this hair on my own.

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There was no way I was going to spend my time in New Orleans for Mardi Gras without stopping for a brief spell of shopping. When I had some downtime guess where I went? To Utla store in New Orleans of course. 

Here’s my video on a few things that I picked up. Thank you so much to the YouTubers who told me about these makeup companies that I’d never been exposed to before. Loved it!



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Mardi Gras is over ☹️☹️☹️ but I had a good time!!!!! Although I live about an hour away, going to The Big Easy is always an exciting trip for me. Here’s a picture I took at the 2018 Zulu BigShot ball at the Hyatt Regency – New Orleans 


I want to personally thank the staff at the Hyatt Regency – New Orleans for their professionalism. I was merely a guest for an event and was given optimum treatment. 

I’ll be making a post on Mardi Gras in the near future and the greatness in and around New Orleans.

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