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My Crochet Braids Night Time Routine😴

Hi Everyone!!!!

Each and every time I make a video and post for you, I want you to know that I am absolutely so excited. I try to make videos about things that I’ve had encounters with that others have, but I may have had a different experience, enter the crochet braids with deep twist hair.

I’d seen people with this hair and thought it to be just gorgeous so I wanted to try it on my own hair. Well, when dealing with crochet braids with the deep twist hair, my stylist failed to tell me that I would have a nightly routine until AFTER we installed the braids. Here are the braids and my video I made on it:


I felt confident about my crochet braids and truly didn’t thimg having the deep twist style would be much of an issue. Well…..yes, these crochet braids are beautiful and well worth the time spent to install them. On the other hand, be prepared to have an allotted time to watch tv, listen to music, or talk to someone on the phone.

Your night-time routine for your deep twist crochet braids can easily take about 20 to even 30 minutes to finger-comb, saturate the hair and using whatever product you fell comfortable with.

I chose to use Carol’s Daughter Hair Milk sparingly and saturate my hair with water. This helped to make my curls fresh and bouncy the next day. Very little frizz throughout the day with using Carol’s Daughter Hair Milk, which is why I am recommending it. Another reason why its recommended is because its in your local drugstore like CVS.

Here’s the link:
Carol’s Daughter Hair Milk Refresher Spray
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