Who are they: Soap & Glory

When I first saw the Facebook page to Soap & Glory, it gave me instant ‘fun’ vibes. With its white and pink base platform, the website gives off this 1950’s-Betty Page-fun-bubblegum-bad girl vibe and it only makes me want to stroll through the website further. Soap & Glory is a beauty company consisting of makeup, skincare, and beauty products. Here are some: Oh my goodness, don’t you just love the pun-play with the words? Its makes to company seem so quirky and vibrant. Created by a group of geniuses in 2006 in the wonderful lands of England, this company has spread all over the world like you would not believe, showing up everywhere right here in the United States. Can’t find their store? Don’t worry about it, they are in Ulta, Target, Walgreens, Sephora, Walmart, Amazon……need I say more? Gurl, you gotta check them out ✨

Who Are They: DHC Beauty

     For the past couple years, Asian-orginated skincare products have gradually become accepted into the American beauty community….most with help of course. Let me give you a brief example:      Seen these skincare products before? Maybe in your local Ulta store or reviewed by your favorite beauty guru on YouTube? Well, this is a Korean-based company that has been introduced and accepted by Americans all over. Here’s another that I actually did not know was an Asian-based company that has spread and now has locations here in the United States:       DHC is a skincare company from Japan in which the founder, Yoshida, traveled abroad to educate himself and learn ways to fuse olive oils in Spain with herbs from Japan. He also gained additional education on skincare in Europe.      DHC has now expanded to the United States by way of California and has been apart of the mainstream skincare community for some time now.

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Our Contest is ending soon 🤪

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Amazon’s Luxury Beauty box 🦄

Okay, so here’s the thing: I’d been hearing about these monthly subscription boxes and wasn’t sure which one to try first. Then I can across the Amazon Luxury Beauty box, in which I was told was for the Amazon Prime members. That’s not exactly true. I believe that you get free shipping on the box and pay $19.99 for each box that you receive. Check out my video and see what I had to say about the box that came in this month.

Steampunk Chic

This fashion set is unique and brings a style of its own! Check out this stunning and creative design from @amber-south-brink, who is from the United States. Thanks so much for sharing your fashion creativity with us😀 Steampunk Chic by amber-south-brink featuring a ruffle blouse Jonathan Simkhai ruffle blouse $355 – matchesfashion.com Brown jacket whatsyourchic.com Gold Allegory Vine Corset timeless-trends.com HADES buckle shoes whatsyourchic.com Overland Sheepskin Co flat brim hat overland.com Steampunk Toy Theater prop with spinning lights Handpainted amazon.com Big Ben, London, sepia toned, antique photo style gettyimages.com ‘Hues of Love’ dress whatsyourchic.com

Double Penetration: The Life And Times Of Roland Granderson

Hi my favorite people, I’m so glad you’ve stopped by! I have so much in store for you this spring/summer. Let me start off by introducing you to an erotic/suspense novel Double Penetration: The Life And Times of Roland Granderson   This novel is authored by the talented Gregory Johnson, and is the first in a series of novels I am sure he has in store for us. This novel is written with insightful intellect and exquisite detail, forcing the reader into the world of a man who clearly has it all. This book puts the reader in a dream-like state, waking the senses, making this novel hard to put down….anxious to know what Roland, the main character, is going to get into next.  Purchase this book on Amazon or at Barnes and Noble  Don’t forget to review and as always……ENJOY!!!!!!! Dee TheBlogger