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Fashion Designer: Lan Yu

    Lan Yu is an internationally recognized fashion designer based in Beijing, China, known for her elaborate designs and wedding gowns.  With a store in New York City, Yu’s iconic peices are available to the public, including a ready-to-wear collection. On the official website, you can even found out what of Lan Yn’s current collection is trending.  Sit back and enjoy her beautiful work.


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Lavish Alice

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Koh Gen Do Cosmetics

Bandage – Born Rebellious Collection

Check out our bandage dresses in the ‘Born Rebellious’ collection


IGXO Cosmetics

DermaBlend- ACD


3/4 sleeve ‘Bennet Island’ gown – What’s Your Chic

3/4 sleeve 'Bennet Island' gown – What's Your Chic


‘Traveling Order’ bodycon dress – What’s Your Chic

'Traveling Order' bodycon dress – What's Your Chic


Dee’s YouTube Channel

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What’s Your Chic – Effortless Glam

What's Your Chic 21


Aztec poncho

Cowgirl boots

Handbags tote

Pink home decor

What’s Your Chic – Slay to Play

What's Your Chic 23


Short sleeve dress

Chunky heel pumps

Faux leather purse

What’s Your Chic – Polyvore Style

What's Your Chic 26


Open front kimono

Open front kimono

Cutout ankle booties

Vegan shoulder bag

Makeup purse

Feeling Nervous but….I’m Here💕 #bloggerlife #YouTube

just-another-pic-of-meFirst off, I want to tell everyone who has supported me and those who will, ‘thank you’. I stayed up all last night until early this morning, laboring if I should actually start a YouTube Channel. I spoke with friends, email with people I don’t even know via social media…just on the idea. So I decided to just take a leap of fate….more like a jump off of a high-standing bridge. BUT I DID IT!!!!!!


I made my first video on What’s Your Chic’s YouTube Channel! Oh goodness, I’m so nervous….wait, nervous is not the word….flabbergasted that I even built up the nerve to make a video. I took on the task and made the video (no editing) and went to bed. I woke up this morning to a double rainbow in the beautiful cool sky before it even began to rain. That was my sign. I feel better…still nervous but I’m feeling better.

Much love to my supporters an please subscribe to my YouTube Channel What’s Your Chic w/ DeePlease Like me, subscribe, tell everyone you know, email me ideas, Q&A (I will LOVE to do also) about me, clothing, designers, life, tea (yassss). I love each and every one of  you. You have meant so much to me and I’ve truly drawn strength from this blog community to grow. Yes, my business is new but it doesn’t feel like a business….its a way of life for me and I am happy to share my life with you. Got any ideas I should consider? Email me at

I love you and thank you so much for the support. Here we gooooo!!!!!!