New Products at Ulta💄

Here as we try to keep you informed, are some of the new products that are available at Ulta. We’ll look over the products that most of us hasn’t tried yet, but there are some reviews available for us to check out: Okay, okay let’s take it with an open mind……we know it’s Becca. But this is a collector’s edition of their new glow body stick. While there no reviews for this product yet, do you just love the packaging? Now just remember, while they do reference this as a glow stick, they mean it because the stick is oil-based. If you have an issue with oil or you are known to have oil clog up your pores, you may want to stay away from this product. Now I will say that First Aid Beauty and quickly become one of my favorites when it comes to cleaning and rehydrating my skin. Now there have released this conditioning eye makeup remover

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⭐️Top-rated⭐️ Concealers under $10!

    Look, we are NOT trying to spend a ton of money for makeup! There….someone had to say it so….you are welcome, lol. But truly, no one wants to spend tons of money on their makeup products and found out as they age, they need additional ones. For me, I learned that concealer is my new friend for the fine lines that have appeared on my face over the years. Frown lines, smiles lines, dark under-eye circles…..they are all apart of life. NOW….let’s show you quality products for cheap!                                                

Makeup Brands We Are Not Checking For 🧐 (no ma’am)

     Okay, so yeah….we totally know the major makeup brands that are out there, don’t we? We know Two Faced, Fenty, Dior, Make Up For Ever, Urban Decay, iT Cosmetics, etc….but there are others that are rarely talked about, even when they release new makeup products into the beauty community. But, why is that? Is it because there is a lack of marketing or refusal to reach out to influencers, or could it be that the beauty community has rejected them? You be the judge as we go through the list: *Side note I just found out in a little research….Dr. Francis J. Townsend is the physician who created Noxzema, a formula that was known as ‘Townsend R22 or ‘no-eczema’ formula. Who knew!   BH Cosmetics       Although often seen being sold in Ulta, Macy’s Kohl’s, Amazon, as well as their own website, Bh Cosmetics is not receiving the exposure as most major brands are on social

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Sephora’s Top 5 Selling Foundations 🔥

    Ever wondered which foundation formula is right for you? Yes, we have gone to the makeup stores and had that confused feeling, until a staff member finds your poor, wondering soul lingering between the Huda Beauty and Nars Cosmetics. As you are basking in the beautiful makeup color and eye-catching displays, there will be someone to come and guide you along your makeup journey – I can speak from my own experience. 🙂 As a novice to the makeup world, one of the items that bring me to a blurring line is foundation. I’ve often matched myself with a cool red undertone that should have been warmer or a red tone when I should have gone neutral. Its not your error, that’s why we call them makeup artists and as long as you understand that each company has its own unique formula, you should feel comfortable if it takes you a while to match your skin to the

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Set, sets, and more sets 🎉

Who doesn’t like a fresh outfit to start off the new year? Exactly, everybody like a new set to build up their fashion, or even just to give off some new ideas.  Here are a few.      YourChic by vaslida featuring wooden home decor   New year’s eve @whatsyourchic@blagica92 by victoria-dimeska featuring christmas home decor   WINTER BROWN by celine-diaz-1 featuring a brown jacket          

Polyvore set – @kishica

“People will stare. Make it worth their while.” Harry Winston   whatsyourchic by kishica featuring short sleeve tops Short sleeve top Jewelry ‘Hues of Love’ dress Universal Lighting and Decor wall art

What’s Your Chic – @oksi-k

This fashion set was something that I could not scroll past. I definitely think that the colors brings the set forward and makes you want to take out a second or two….or more to admire it. Placement, colors, designs….they all play a part in this beautiful set. You can see more from this designer right here in this link.  Winter with WhatsYourChic – Win $30 via PayPal! by oksi-k featuring black peep toe shoes Wool cashmere sweater Mandarin collar jacket Helmut lang pants Black peep toe shoes Foley Corinna blue crossbody Burberry blossom perfume Beekman 1802 face care ‘Hues of Love’ dress Lux Art Silks floral decor      

Random sets

I wanted to stop what I was doing and share this set, simply because its bold and caught my eye over and over again.  chic by alisa-9-1 featuring leather jackets Leather jacket Jewelry ‘Hues of Love’ dress Setton Brothers tech accessory