New Products at Ulta💄

Here as we try to keep you informed, are some of the new products that are available at Ulta. We’ll look over the products that most of us hasn’t tried yet, but there are some reviews available for us to check out:

Okay, okay let’s take it with an open mind……we know it’s Becca. But this is a collector’s edition of their new glow body stick. While there no reviews for this product yet, do you just love the packaging? Now just remember, while they do reference this as a glow stick, they mean it because the stick is oil-based. If you have an issue with oil or you are known to have oil clog up your pores, you may want to stay away from this product.

Now I will say that First Aid Beauty and quickly become one of my favorites when it comes to cleaning and rehydrating my skin. Now there have released this conditioning eye makeup remover that I personally cannot wait to try out. I would usually use a primer base by NYX or Too Faced before applying eye shadow, so I’m excited to see how this makeup remover will work to counter those products. While there are no reviews yet, I would love to know what people think of the product, especially those of us with sensitive eyes.

Okay, don’t blame me but when I saw this product I wasn’t too thrilled to try it. I’ve used their peel-off masks previously and will say that I favored one out of all of them, which was a little disappointing. If you don’t know I Dew Care is a Korean-based beauty product that has become very popular in the United States, especially since being introduced to the shelves at your local Ulta store. This particular product is called a makeup remover balm, which sounded a bit counterproductive if I am applying a balm to take off my makeup. As I looked further into the product description, I found out that this balm paste transforms into an oil, which make removing the makeup easier. While I does have blueberry extract and jojoba oil in the product, I’m wondering if the product needs to be massaged on the face and are you to simple wipe off with a cotton pad and then wash the face? We will see when the reviews come in!

Can we be honest here? When is the last time you’ve seen a BH Cosmetics product get rave reviews? It seems the cosmetics company has put out products that have not sold well in the recent years, or have lacked to get new customers. I believe this Stellar Collision eyeshadow and highlighter palette is an opportunity for BH to get back on top and cater to the ever-changing beauty community. With 17 shades, BH says that they can be used as eyeshadows or as toppers or highlighters. The site doesn’t specify how to use it as a topper compared to using as a shadow, but I’m going to take a healthy guess and assume that you’ll want to use a brush to make it an eyeshadow and do a topper with your finger or a small sponge applicator 🤷🏽‍♀️

New makeup products from inde brands

In this post, we are going to be looking at some independent brands and the products that they have recently released.


While the Trixie fans saw this coming, Sugar Pill has launched its collaboration with this famous icon. This limited edition eyeshadow palette is part of a collection, with colors made up of mattes, metallics, frost colors and a blush. In this dazzling collector’s edition, a liquid lip color comes in the box, making this package a truly iconic presentation. While this product is currently sold out, most of the reviews say this collection is highly pigmented, easy to blend, and the packaging is just adorable!

BRIJA Cosmetics

A fresh face in the cosmetic industry, Brija Cosmetics has been gracing the internet with beautiful handmade, cruelty-free makeup. One of their new products they have released for the fall are their new matte liquid lipstick colors. Here they are:

Screen Shot 2018-10-14 at 9.11.56 PMScreen Shot 2018-10-14 at 9.12.13 PMScreen Shot 2018-10-14 at 9.12.28 PM


Chargrin Valley Soap and Salve Company

No it isn’t a makeup indie-brand but they have oils, skin care, and wonderful products for your bath. Their products are 100% vegan.

Screen Shot 2018-10-14 at 9.19.25 PM



Wander Beauty Essentials


New Makeup Arrivals

Here are the makeup newbies with their links: 

Too Faced


Too Faced Sun Bunny Bronzer







Screen Shot 2018-05-13 at 10.11.11 PMKat Von D 10th Anniversary Tattoo Liner





Screen Shot 2018-05-13 at 10.13.08 PMSephora Sunkissed Glow kit




Screen Shot 2018-05-13 at 10.15.16 PM

Tarte Amazonian Clay Set





Screen Shot 2018-05-13 at 10.21.07 PM

Urban Decay Hi-Fi Cushion Lip Gloss







Buxom Cosmetics


Vichy USA- ACD

Charles Tyrwhitt

⭐️Top-rated⭐️ Concealers under $10!

    Look, we are NOT trying to spend a ton of money for makeup! There….someone had to say it so….you are welcome, lol. But truly, no one wants to spend tons of money on their makeup products and found out as they age, they need additional ones. For me, I learned that concealer is my new friend for the fine lines that have appeared on my face over the years. Frown lines, smiles lines, dark under-eye circles…..they are all apart of life. NOW….let’s show you quality products for cheap!

MAYBELLINE Fit Me Concealer      Price: $5.99 @Walmart



E.L.F. HD Lifting Concealer   Price: $3.00










ULTABeauty Full Coverage Liquid Concealer    Price: $9.00



Screen Shot 2018-05-10 at 9.36.36 AM
NYX Professional HD Photo Concealer   Price: $4.99










Essence Color Corrector Concealer    Price: $3.99



Peter Thomas Roth Labs, LLC

Add Some Color

Makeup Brands We Are Not Checking For 🧐 (no ma’am)

     Okay, so yeah….we totally know the major makeup brands that are out there, don’t we? We know Two Faced, Fenty, Dior, Make Up For Ever, Urban Decay, iT Cosmetics, etc….but there are others that are rarely talked about, even when they release new makeup products into the beauty community. But, why is that? Is it because there is a lack of marketing or refusal to reach out to influencers, or could it be that the beauty community has rejected them? You be the judge as we go through the list:

*Side note I just found out in a little research….Dr. Francis J. Townsend is the physician who created Noxzema, a formula that was known as ‘Townsend R22 or ‘no-eczema’ formula. Who knew!


BH Cosmetics




Although often seen being sold in Ulta, Macy’s Kohl’s, Amazon, as well as their own website, Bh Cosmetics is not receiving the exposure as most major brands are on social media and throughout the beauty community. Known for it’s ‘ItsMyRayeRaye‘ eyeshadow palette, Bh Cosmetics provides eyeshadow palettes between the price range of $10.99 to $22.99, but with the exception of the ‘ItsMyRayeRaye’ palette, people just have not been talking about them. What’s that all about?  🤨




Max Factor


Max Factor

While a lot of  people may not have used their products or even seen them before, Max Factor was a giant in the makeup industry and has been around for over 100 years! Yes, Max Factor was founded in 1909 by Maksymilian Faktorowicz as Max Factor & Company. Although the founder is from Poland, Max Factor was based in Las Angeles, California and known for doing movie makeup and stayed within the family until its sale in 1973 for $500 million. Now, don’t get it misinterpreted, Max Factor was well known by having a salon near Hollywood Boulevard and did makeup for actors and actresses as Mary Pickford, Gloria Swanson, Lucille Ball, Joan Crawford, and Bette Davis. While currently owned by Procter & Gamble, the company no longer sales Max Factor in the United States, but puts its efforts into its other brand it owns, CoverGirl. 


NYC (New York Color)






While often mixed up for NYX cosmetics, NYC  is usually found in your local Wal-Mart, Target, and on Amazon. Although Demi Lovato is the company’s current brand ambassador, we will wait and see if she can assist this company to distinguish itself in the makeup industry again and make a comeback. No shade gurl…..


Sally Hansen

Sally Hansen

When I see the name Sally Hansen, I think nail polish. Am I right? Founded in 1946 by Sally G. Finney Hansen, her company is known for its Hard-As-Nails trademark. But what about the makeup? While there are a lot of questions than answers, I’m curious to see if anyone is using cosmetic line, which consist of primer and foundation products. Have you tried it? Let me know.





Clients|NeutrogenaGurl….I completely understand when companies want to expand their business and Neutrogena is no different. While known worldwide for their skincare, Neutrogena has expanded into the makeup field. So what have they done for your makeup game lately? I think that although this Johnson & Johnson subsidiary wants to expand, it may be its own enemy by being too big in the skincare community to be able to transfer successfully into the world of cosmetics. We all know that the makeup community is not forgiving. Maybe Neutrogena will have a better chance of launching cosmetics under another name to give them a fair chance. 

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O+ Stick - Oxygen Plus


Vichy USA- ACD

Qatar Airways

Sephora’s Top 5 Selling Foundations 🔥

    Ever wondered which foundation formula is right for you? Yes, we have gone to the makeup stores and had that confused feeling, until a staff member finds your poor, wondering soul lingering between the Huda Beauty and Nars Cosmetics. As you are basking in the beautiful makeup color and eye-catching displays, there will be someone to come and guide you along your makeup journey – I can speak from my own experience. 🙂

As a novice to the makeup world, one of the items that bring me to a blurring line is foundation. I’ve often matched myself with a cool red undertone that should have been warmer or a red tone when I should have gone neutral. Its not your error, that’s why we call them makeup artists and as long as you understand that each company has its own unique formula, you should feel comfortable if it takes you a while to match your skin to the perfection foundation color for whichever type of coverage you desire. 

Here are the current top-selling foundations at Sephora for March 2018 so far (in no particular order):

–   FentyFenty Beauty by Rihanna Pro Filt’r Soft Matte Longer Foundation (exclusive)

  • Medium coverage (buildable to full coverage)
  • Good for all skin types
  • Matte finish

Fenty Beauty has shook the makeup world with contributing 40 shades on its initial launching. While impressive on its own, producing a formula that is buildable from medium to full coverage and still maintaining a soft matte finish with the confidence of long wear provides its a brand to be respected. While MUAs tend to stick with using their favorite primer, it is suggested to use Fenty Beauty’s Pro Filt’r Instant Retouch Primer for best results.

–  Huda         Huda Beauty #FauxFilter Foundation (exclusive)

  • Full coverage
  • Good for all skin types
  • Natural finish

Known as another exclusive to Sephora, #FauxFilter by Huda Beauty is another favorite. This foundation provides covering up the current ‘you’ and brings out the new ‘you’ with will a natural finish and blurring pore affects. If you are looking for a pore-less natural full coverage, this is an option for you.

–     Make Up For Ever     Make Up For Ever Ultra HD Invisible Cover Foundation (exclusive)

  • Allure 2017 Reader’s Choice Award Winner
  • Medium coverage
  • All skin types
  • Natural finish

Another brand with 40 luscious shades to choose from, this foundation is another exclusive at Sephora. With a natural finish, Make Up For Ever says that this foundation in buildable medium coverage, natural finish, which also claims ‘makes skin look 100 percent flawless, but is zero percent noticeable’. (, n.d.). Although I tend to shy away from terms that claim percentages because of the assumption that it can apply to each and every skin type, shade and conditions, I must say that the claim of a flawless look is impressive. I’ve never tried this foundation but I hope to in the near future.

iT Cosmetics    iT Cosmetics Your Skin But Better™ CC+™ Cream with SPF 50+

  • Allure 2017 Reader’s Choice Award Winner
  • Cream foundation
  • All skin types
  • Full coverage
  • Natural finish
  • SPF 50+

iT Cosmetics comes to the game with a cream foundation that seems to take into consideration of those who care more about the long-term affects of makeup wear. With this in mind, iT Cosmetics has brought a full coverage/natural finish/color-correcting/SPF 50+/ anti-aging foundation to the makeup game – like wow. This one grabs me when I first read about it because myself and many people that I know want to have a beautiful finish to their makeup but also want to take care of the skin that they are exposing to daily makeup as well. 

NARSNARS Natural Radiant Longwear Foundation

  • Full coverage
  • All skin types
  • Radiant finish

In somewhat of a secret over the years that I’ve gotten my makeup done by MUAs, NARS is known as the silent favorite among professionals. Providing a full coverage finish, this foundation provides a surprising radiant finish to your makeup look…often providing a ‘fresh’ face aura to your special-occasion makeup. From my own experience with this product, there’s very little fading during long wear and a little goes a long way! This makeup company provided a U.S. consumer 1-week research that speaks on percentages in the spectrum of lack of streakiness, appearance, blending, etc. I like to stay away from percentages 😅 (pressure)

***What’s your favorite makeup foundation and why? Please share with us your go-to makeup foundation.

IGXO Cosmetics

DermaBlend- ACD

Set, sets, and more sets 🎉

Who doesn’t like a fresh outfit to start off the new year? Exactly, everybody like a new set to build up their fashion, or even just to give off some new ideas.  Here are a few. 




New year's eve @whatsyourchic@blagica92






DermaBlend- ACD


e.l.f. cosmetics



Colleen Rothschild Beauty

Polyvore set – @kishica

“People will stare. Make it worth their while.”

  • Harry Winston


Short sleeve top


‘Hues of Love’ dress

Peter Thomas Roth Labs, LLC

IGXO Cosmetics

What’s Your Chic – @oksi-k

This fashion set was something that I could not scroll past. I definitely think that the colors brings the set forward and makes you want to take out a second or two….or more to admire it. Placement, colors, designs….they all play a part in this beautiful set. You can see more from this designer right here in this link

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Wool cashmere sweater

Mandarin collar jacket

Helmut lang pants

Black peep toe shoes

‘Hues of Love’ dress



300x250 banner


Koh Gen Do Cosmetics

Random sets

I wanted to stop what I was doing and share this set, simply because its bold and caught my eye over and over again. 


Leather jacket


‘Hues of Love’ dress

IGXO Cosmetics
DermaBlend- ACD