Get it:’Contact’ gold party dress


Fashion Designer: Rani Zakhem

    What a better way to start off the week with some beautiful designer pieces by Rani Zakhem. Enjoy!





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My Allure Beauty Box truth

So, first off, I want to say thank you to everyone who has been supporting me. The blog, the store, elderly family, the dog….they all can be down right demanding. But doing this with you, its a new journey and I love it, I truly do. So, do to the requests, I have decided to release the video that made me cancel the Allure Beauty Box subscription.

Now, in releasing this video I will tell you this: I was nervous. Nervous about the backlash of not being on the Allure Beauty Box ‘Love it’ group. I wanted to be in that group, I wanted to like the Allure box, every single box and every single item. But I would like to be honest with my audience, no matter how big or small. I truly believe, with the understanding of lack of statistical data, in replacement of demographical marketing, and management… doesn’t matter if I like the Allure Beauty Box. It doesn’t matter if you like the Allure Beauty Box either. Allure is getting marketing, good or bad. We are talking about them, and to be honest, I commend them for that.

But as a subscriber with an expectation of products, it didm’t work for me. So, without further ado, here is the video. Please, I welcome all comments, suggestions, gripes…..bring it all. I love you all!!!!!!

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New Items at What’s Your Chic

Some of my favorites from my Born Rebellious collection at What’s Your Chic.





Organic to Green - Liquid Coconut Oil

What’s Your Chic sets

I still have some of the fashion sets from Polypore. Enjoy!!


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When Swarovski gowns rule your world

As we scroll through the web, at times we ca’t help but stop and admire beautiful gowns that catch our eye. For your enjoyment, here are some gowns that are stare-worthy:






Michael Kors