Autumn with WhatsYourChic

Its always an honor to show these lovely sets made on by very talented and creative people. Their sense of style is uncanny, spanning from all walks of life and from all over the world. This set is from a creative mind and style icon in the country of Croatia. Please follow us to continue to see these beautiful collections made from What’s Your Chic           Autumn with WhatsYourChic

Pinko red cape
$345 –



Christian Dior eyeshadow

Smudge proof eyeliner

Chanel fragrance

DermaBlend- ACD
Colleen Rothschild Beauty

e.l.f. cosmetics

What’s Your Chic – Pencil Dress

No. You don’t come just to be presentable, you come in to set the standard. This ‘Strike to Win’ pencil dress is not to please them. Its to please you. Walk into the room and enjoy your elegance. Available at What’s Your Chic

What’s your chic?

What's your chic?


White evening dress

White evening dress

Claudette evening purse

Creamy eyeshadow


Chic Of The Day

Chic Of The Day

UNG69291_blc_0_9dbe2d24-afd4-41c2-bf69-fc29e7faa362_2048x2048.jpgSeeing this Mermaid Midi Dress made me think of two things: chic and fierce. This design is quite unique and can be worn for a special occasion, or if you just want to make your outfit the special interest in the room. No doubt, people will be complimenting your look in this dress, no matter what type of accessories you wear with it – or no accessories at all. Beauty comes in many different layers….this one happens to be elegant, sophisticated, and still yet brings a sense of simplicity and class.