Who are they: Soap & Glory

When I first saw the Facebook page to Soap & Glory, it gave me instant ‘fun’ vibes. With its white and pink base platform, the website gives off this 1950’s-Betty Page-fun-bubblegum-bad girl vibe and it only makes me want to stroll through the website further. Soap & Glory is a beauty company consisting of makeup, skincare, and beauty products. Here are some:

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Oh my goodness, don’t you just love the pun-play with the words? Its makes to company seem so quirky and vibrant. Created by a group of geniuses in 2006 in the wonderful lands of England, this company has spread all over the world like you would not believe, showing up everywhere right here in the United States. Can’t find their store? Don’t worry about it, they are in Ulta, Target, Walgreens, Sephora, Walmart, Amazon……need I say more? Gurl, you gotta check them out ✨

Elaine Turner



Daisy Global Ltd

ULTA, What are you DOING???


    So while I try to take it upon myself to have the weekends to relax and catch up the week’s events, nothing can put salt in your lemonade like a badly placed sale from your favorite store. Check out this link:  Ulta’s 21 Days of Beauty sale

   While to an ordinary shopper who is not makeup-focused, it looks like an awesome series of sales spanning over 21 days on a well-known makeup store’s website. To some of us, like myself, I was notified via generated text message from the company only a few moments ago. Although I did see someone make a YouTube video about it this morning, I didn’t get a sense of ‘omg’ until I looked at it for myself. As a Platinum Rewards member with Ulta, I was a bit surprised to see some of my favorite products on the list of makeup and skincare that will be on sale. Now….not just any sale, I’m talking 50% off!!!!

     This is one of the sales that will definitely bring those who have been apprehensive about products and aren’t willing to pay those moderate-to-high prices, providing the chance to try those products they’ve heard so much about throughout social media. But for some of us……its like ‘Okay, should I be upset that I paid so much for my favorites or should I be happy that I can get them at half the price?’

     I definitely plan on stocking up on some of my ‘go to’ makeup products. Either way, check out your local Ulta store or check them out online to see exactly which products are on sale. Who knows, it may be something that you haven’t tried yet 💝



Qatar Airways

Vichy USA- ACD


IGXO Cosmetics

Facebook and the Bystander Effect

Yes, I know that I am normally posting about my website’s latest fashions and about the contests I sponsor on Polypore and my travels but…..I had to take a second to discuss something. Usually, Facebook is full of rants of current events, calls for release of everyone from political prisoners to freeing distant cousins that are incarcerated at the nearby county jail. Its freedom of speech and one of the many things that makes this country unique.

While in the same breath, its also the thing that allows us to observe one’s true thought when in a setting of relaxation or on a topic in which people have a strong opinion. I was told by a wise person that ‘three things in this world or at the origin of all wars: women, religion, and politics”. I thank that person for all of the wise words throughout my years and understand that while those are the origins, they branch out into many, many subjects. Let’s take one subject that gets a lot of peoples’ blood boiling, especially in the civil and criminal laws, professors, psychologists, researchers, and studies alike – that’s the concept of the Bystander Effect.

Yale University referenced Professor Joel E. Disdale (University of California, San Diego) with his experiment of the Kitty Genovese murder in New York City, March 13, 1964 (Dimsdale, J, 2016). In this case, in short, the subject is chased down and assaulted in public, escapes, is chased down again and stabbed numerous times; this happens over a timespan of 30 minutes. In a series of events, the more people are around, the less likely (about seven percent) feel inclined to actually help the victim.

Then enters Facebook post that proves this theory:

Facebook Post.png

While this Facebook question seems porposterious and downright absurd, it proves a point. There are people who feel that there way of apathy is correct, despite the law or the common, usually for most, unthought of judgement to consider another person’s life over circumstances. While the posting was a harmless scenario that was not a true situation, it allowed people, who replied with personal opinions, to openly discuss the fact that they were within the percentile of bystanders. Amazing.



‘European Nights’ Wool Floppy Hat


‘European Nights’ – What’s Your Chic

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An update on ‘Dee’ and What’s Your Chic


First off, I want to thank my supporters and followers on WordPress. Initially, I was apprehensive about even showing my face for fear of potential customers not wanting to take interest in my boutique and other platforms because I’m a woman of color. Thank you, thank you, thank you……the encouragement has helped me pushed myself out of the shadows.

Nails:  Michelle So’Deaupp


Photography: Robert C Wiliams/ RCWPhotography

Although I’m still a work in progress and constantly working to build What’s Your Chic, I owe my journey thus far to you. Because of your motivation, I’m still here, sharing with the world and stepping into my own light.



Photographer in the Spotlight: Robert C Williams

When a photographer can balance life, work, and not compromise on their sense of vision….that’s an artist in every sense of the word. An artist is a originator, a producer of works of art. Enter Robert C Williams, owner of RCW Photography.15027753_10206279047970107_8487475126494012523_n

Williams provides a relaxed atmosphere, diversified techniques, and a professional finished product. Check out some of his recent work he did of me:

I want to personally thank this artist for simply being an artist. I have not modeled in over 10 years and because of him, I was able to step forward. Contact Robert C Williams: rcwphotography225@gmai.com and on Facebook – RCW Photography

What’s Your Chic – Sweaters make it better

ung70800_wht_0_1024x1024 This sweater speaks ‘winter’ to me this year. There’s nothing like this ‘3AM in Lyon’ trumpet sleeve sweater which looks and feels beautiful. Available in white and black in What’s Your Chic