❤︎Plus-Size Beauties..In The Building❤︎

Excuse me….haven’t you been told not to sleep on the big girls? Just because she isn’t skinny don’t mean she not fly!!!

Not only am I proud, but I am honored to introduce a Plus-Size Beauties CollectionNot only are plus sizes available in this collection, semi formal, formal, and party dresses are available in my Dominique Lereaux Collection.

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Chic Of The Day

UNG69047_wht_0_1024x1024My intention was to post only one Chic or Shoe of the Day but this romper right here…..its on fleek!!! I simply could not take my eyes off it. Seeing someone in the romper would gather attention, onlookers and compliments from strangers. I’m happy to be able to present this gorgeous piece of ‘chic’ to my friends and followers. Enjoy!


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