Double Penetration: The Life And Times Of Roland Granderson

Hi my favorite people, I’m so glad you’ve stopped by! I have so much in store for you this spring/summer. Let me start off by introducing you to an erotic/suspense novel Double Penetration: The Life And Times of Roland Granderson   This novel is authored by the talented Gregory Johnson, and is the first in a series of novels I am sure he has in store for us. This novel is written with insightful intellect and exquisite detail, forcing the reader into the world of a man who clearly has it all. This book puts the reader in a dream-like state, waking the senses, making this novel hard to put down….anxious to know what Roland, the main character, is going to get into next.  Purchase this book on Amazon or at Barnes and Noble  Don’t forget to review and as always……ENJOY!!!!!!! Dee TheBlogger

What’s Your Chic $75 prize on Polyvore

       Please believe it because its true!!!! What’s Your Chic is hosting a fashion contest on Polyvore fashion website in which you can make a fashion set from our boutique and others and enter it to win $75.00 via Paypal!!! Although this contest is 30 days, don’t wait too long. Enter for free and enter as many sets as you like. Be creative and stand out from the rest and win this prize!!!! Moderated and organized by: Blagica92 *****Don’t forget to check out my YouTube Channel, like and subscribe right… ♥︎ Love You!!!! Dee whats your chic by katienochvay featuring a louis vuitton purse ‘Bad Gurl’s Luck’ Sequin Tassel Mermaid Bodycon ‘Bad Gurl’s Luck’ Sequin Tassel Mermaid Bodycon Louis vuitton purse ‘Hues of Love’ dress Hades Footwear/ What’s Your Chic

WhatsYourChic on YouTube

    So I am fulfilling what I said I was going to do, and that was to launch my own YouTube Channel. On top of all ready being nervous about sharing with the world via social media, I would get comments from family members on how ‘to’ and ‘not to’ act.  Uhhh…nope, not having it.  I enjoy sharing my free spirit with my viewers. No I’m not always sweet and no, I won’t always bat my eyelashes like a damn bunny, but I’m doing what’s most important….being myself. Yes,  I curse a little, but being yourself does not request approval and I am sure there will be people out there who will respect that. I respect the spirit world and everyone’s opinion – this is blog and my YouTube Channel are my places to share mine. Now….with that being said….I don’t know if I shared this video yet but here it is: I’ll be posting another soon, hopefully this evening. Enjoy!!!!!

‘European Nights’ Wool Floppy Hat

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What’s Your Chic 29

This set was made with a comping of light makeup from EstĂŠe Lauder, available on Amazon. Enjoy our exotic and wide range of beautiful clothing at What’s Your Chic.   What’s Your Chic 29 by sena87 featuring mid calf dresses Mid calf dress Mid calf dress Open-toe pumps Hoop earrings EstĂŠe Lauder gift sets kit