Chic Of The Day – Bodycon Me👗

There is nothing….yes I said it…nothing quite like a bodycon dress. Once you slip it on and zip it up, it just does something to your confidence. While a bodycon can assist in altering your body, making you look more shapely, the correct size can accent what you already have. Be beautiful and allow this “Goddesses Mona” bodycon dress flow around your curves. Enjoy your dress, which is available in white, blue, black, pink, and red on What’s Your Chic.   Enjoy💐

Chic Of The Day -swim with swag

So for the first time, I’ve taken it upon myself to introduce an article a clothing that I would be more than willing to put behind me for the year – the swimsuit. Yes I will be the first to admit it, I am not a swimsuit fan….there has to be something unique for me to pay attention to one. Well this ‘Triple Dare You’ is not just a simple swimsuit, its more like a ‘swag suit’. The design in conjunction with the cut makes this swimsuit worth a twice, better yet, a triple look at. You can find this and more unique styles in the ‘Born Rebellious’ collection at What’s Your Chic. Don’t forget to check us out on Polyvore, Facebook, Wanelo, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, PoshMark, and Pinterest🌺

Chic Of The Day

There comes a time in a woman’s life that she has to step out into her own individuality. Understand what makes her unique, then embrace it. Then tackle the things she doesn’t like and use them to set herself apart from everyone else. Something as simple as this ‘European Heartbreak’ cami dress can inspire. Simple can be so beautiful. Also check out my favorite male and female designers right here. Enjoy ♥ What’s Your Chic

StreetStyle is not a bad word

When I look into my closet, there is a brief sense of who I am at that point in my life, or at least where I’ve been. If there are things that are inside my closet that make me smile I keep them, like my colorful sweater that I wore while I was pregnant with my son (which was 11 years ago-yes I know the sweater has to go♥).  Now, there are some clothes that make me wrinkle my nose, like the bridesmaid dress I wore to my sister’s wedding. Although it was a descent dress, there’s this shadowing thought in the back of my brain that she wanted everyone to look slightly tacky while she looked like Miss Universe….but hey, it was her day. 🤔