Chic of the Day – Cardigan

My goodness, you just keep coming with cute little things to wear with your fall collection! I’m loving your ‘Won’t Stand For It’ Long Cardigan. I’m on board with that! Of course, its available at What’s Your Chic.

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What’s Your Chic-Embroidered Bomber Jacket

Lovely and very versatile Bomber Jacket available in black and pink base colors at What’s Your Chic

What’s Your Chic sponsored contest – Win $50 gift card!

What's Your Chic sponsored contest - Win $50 gift card!


Chic of the Day – Maxi dress

Lovely like touch of class with the mid-season maxi dress. ‘Sexy Ex’ maxi dress is the name and What’s Your Chic is the boutique the carries it. Enjoy visiting our store. 💐sexy-ex-maxi-dress-frontsexy-ex-maxi-dress-back

Chic Of The Day -Midnight Butterfly

midnight-butterflyWell now aren’t you just a pretty thing in your ‘Midnight Butterfly’ bodycon! I really like that on you. I’m gonna find a cute dress for me on that website too. What’s the name of the website? Oh, okay What’s Your Chic.

Golden Storm

Golden Storm


‘Lovely Rebel’ sequin formal dress – What’s Your Chic

'Lovely Rebel' sequin formal dress – What's Your Chic