Studded Fringe Pumps

Studded Fringe Pumps available at What’s Your Chic

Chic Of The Day – Happy Monday

Start your week off right with some inspiration…not from someone else but from yourself. Incorporate this Dream Big’ Tank Top into your life and start this week off motivated♥  Available at What’s Your Chic

What’s Your Chic

Another addition to Polyvore from our ‘Born Rebellious’ collection.Skirt


Skirt (available at What’s Your Chic)

Whats Your Chic

Whats Your Chic


Bodycon dress

Pocket purse


What’s Your Chic created by Sena87

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Chic Of The Day #PrettyGirls

ung69963_blc_0_1bc95a2f-e528-44ee-9858-a2110874c254_1024x1024“The most important piece of your clothing is your confidence”.     – What’s Your Chic

Dress: ‘Good Senses’ Sweetheart Belted Dress

What’s Your Chic

Chic of the Day – Maxi dress

Lovely like touch of class with the mid-season maxi dress. ‘Sexy Ex’ maxi dress is the name and What’s Your Chic is the boutique the carries it. Enjoy visiting our store. 💐sexy-ex-maxi-dress-frontsexy-ex-maxi-dress-back

Chic Of The Day 👀

SVH031338-G.jpgThis one is for my friends out there who like to make a statement and don’t mind slightly being offensive. Its okay, let go. Have fun. Who should we care what others care? Its your chic and you can express yourself whatever way you choose. ‘Parental Advisory’ is a love-it or leave-it type of crop top. I know my followers love it. If others don’t like it…..there’s no need to care my friend. That’s their own opinion. Work your chic😎 OH, and don’t forget to check out the contests the I am sponsoring on Polyvore also. 


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Chic Of The Day – Man Swag

Brokers WhatsYourChicIntroducing my take on men’s fashion. For some awful reason, we are in expectation that a woman should look nice…but when a guy looks nice, its a surprise. Well, surprise 🙌🏽  🙌🏽  😎 I am more than happy to expose you to ‘man swag’. I love seeing a man wearing clothing that makes him feel comfortable and look confident. When the male species is confident, everyone knows it! A fashionable thing is such a wonderful oddity!!! Enjoy our take on polo shirts, biker jackets and other goodies. This Brokers Mens’ Polo is just plain sexy, simple, and oozes swag. See our collection at What’s Your Chic.