‘Hued Rainbow’ Patchwork dress – What’s Your Chic

'Hued Rainbow' Patchwork dress – What's Your Chic


Chic Of The Day 👀

SVH031338-G.jpgThis one is for my friends out there who like to make a statement and don’t mind slightly being offensive. Its okay, let go. Have fun. Who should we care what others care? Its your chic and you can express yourself whatever way you choose. ‘Parental Advisory’ is a love-it or leave-it type of crop top. I know my followers love it. If others don’t like it…..there’s no need to care my friend. That’s their own opinion. Work your chic😎 OH, and don’t forget to check out the contests the I am sponsoring on Polyvore also. 


What’s Your Chic

Girls’ Vaca coming soon💐

Okay so, What’s Your Chic is developing a profile on YouTube. Yes, can you believe it???? Between being here on WordPress and YouTube, I believe it’ll give you more of an open view of how I go on about life as a self-proclaimed blogger. With that being said, feel free to email me questions about anything: myself, how I got into owning my own business…any questions and I would love to vlog a Q&A and post them here and on YouTube. I’ll also be vlogging some of my friends and people in my community, especially since the recent flood here in Louisiana. My email is: JustBadGurl@gmail.com

I’m also going to start bringing in my friend Natalie who is a phenomenal hairstylist and entrepreneur. She and I will be taking a business/vacation trip to the Dominican Republic next month and I would love to take you there with us!!!! I’ll be vlogging and taking lots of photos and sharing them with you.


Just Because – Wake-Up Wednesday🍹

Just Because – Happy Saturday☀️💐

Party Of One – Raw Beauty with no fear💐

IMG_0137First off, I want to say thank you for all the support on my blog and my store, What’s Your Chic. I have other projects coming up, such as more contest with Polyvore and another upcoming store, in which Im sure my followers will love just as much as I will developing it.

This post is personal….very personal. I was reluctant to let my audience know who I am, being a black woman with a mixture of nationalities (French, Native American, Korean), but my fear was my business would lack success because people will just see ‘black’. I decided to post this picture of myself to let my followers put a face with my work. I have stepped out and with no fear (no makeup either – geesh). I love you all and hope you look at my creativity despite my color.

Enjoy and love you all♥



What’s Your Chic, LLC

Chic Of The – Hat Game👒

UNG69312_blc_0_b6455e5e-d8b2-4be8-9843-3033bb49afae_2048x2048An accessory that has stood the test of time, the hat. Are you ready for the fall? Don’t go without a Floppy Wool Hat


Chic Of The Day

When there is someone with desire to make a statement, there is fashion. Fashion is a statement of life. This Quilted Floral Zipped Jacket can help to bring that statement to life.


Chic Of The Day – Shoe Stalker

UNG69536_blc_0_88c3043f-4600-4dff-9d80-e8d6e6a2b656_1024x1024First off, let me say that a lot of items have sold out before I was able to update the store so apologies to my customers yesterday who ordered and later found out the items were sold out. I already refunded your money and gave ya’ll a 10% discount on your next purchase…you know your girl got you 💃🏽😎

For my fellow shoe stalkers, Crisscross Gladiator Heels have had me staring at them all morning. I think I’m in love♥️👠


What’s Your Chic