Vivid Journey collection✨

One of our unique collections, the Vivid Journey collection. Stay tuned for updates and more plus sizes as well. 


 - Customized NFL Gear

Wander Beauty Essentials

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What It Takes fashion set

    Rarely is there an outfit, let alone a dress the can grab everyone’s attention. Its usually a rare, daring and striking design. Enter this bandage dress. When a dress is so stunning you can’t dress it up or down….just simply get on its level or get out of the way. You are welcome 🔥🔥🔥 20


Bandage dress

Blue dress

Bandage dress

Black stiletto


Klorane USA
Charlotte Tilbury AU

Weekend Matte fever

There’s not much more sassy than perfect makeup, matte lipstick and a dress to steal the show.  Time to enjoy the weekend!
What's your chic?


Gold dress

Handbag purse

Brass bangle

Toiletry bag

‘Hues of Love’ dress

Mix Mingle Luxury Gloss

🔥Gurl….these are some of my likes🔥

Some new items and some of my personal favorites  in our ‘Born Rebellious’ collection at What’s Your Chic🔥



Beauty in simplicity

It doesn’t take much to be beautiful. Enjoy your beauty and spread it with the world.

Party with What's Your Chic



Lou & Grey

Vanity Planet Palette: 15 Piece Makeup Brush Collection


What’s Your Chic – @styleton

Chic, plush, and a great vision of a weekend in the winter. Enjoy this set from @styleton in the Ukraine. 
ChicTrendy Style

Pullover sweater

Blue jacket

Yves Saint Laurent bootie boots
$1,765 –

‘Hues of Love’ dress

DermaBlend- ACD

Murdock Limited


e.l.f. cosmetics

What’s Your Chic – @lalolana

One of our friends on definitely has winter in mind when it came to making this fashion set. That leather jacket really pulls this fashion statement together! Thank you @lalolana from Croatia!!!


Pullover sweater

Leather jacket

PS Paul Smith slim fit jeans
$125 –

‘Hues of Love’ dress


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Vichy USA- ACD

Peter Thomas Roth Labs, LLC