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Miley Cyrus covering ‘Jolene’

Hi Everyone!

As I surfed the web, I ran across Miley Cyrus covering Dolly Parton’s song ‘Jolene‘. First off, let me say that I absolutely LOVE Dolly Parton’s music! All my life, I have been divorced in music, with country being some of my favorite🌟 It takes takent and down, right nerve to cover a Dolly Parton song so I commend Miley for this raw performance….it truly had me in tears, just like the original. Here is Miley:

Here is the legendary Dolly Parton:

Chic Of The Day – Man Swag

Brokers WhatsYourChicIntroducing my take on men’s fashion. For some awful reason, we are in expectation that a woman should look nice…but when a guy looks nice, its a surprise. Well, surprise 🙌🏽  🙌🏽  😎 I am more than happy to expose you to ‘man swag’. I love seeing a man wearing clothing that makes him feel comfortable and look confident. When the male species is confident, everyone knows it! A fashionable thing is such a wonderful oddity!!! Enjoy our take on polo shirts, biker jackets and other goodies. This Brokers Mens’ Polo is just plain sexy, simple, and oozes swag. See our collection at What’s Your Chic.