Chic Me – Trilogy Spa, Manhattan Beach🍹

So, you’ll learn as we travel and go through life together that I have a love for things….nice things💕. With a little research and venturing out, I’ve also learned that you don’t have to spend a fortune to enjoy the better things in life. Hence my discovery of a day, no….pampering spa on Manhattan Blvd. in Manhattan Beach, CA. It’s called Trilogy Spa✨

 I am a lover of local businesses and actively seek them out. First off, the setting of the spa compared to the surroundings are like night and day. I’m here during the weekday hustle of traffic and honking horns, and difficult places to park so if you are coming here, word of advice: Uber to your locations. Trilogy Spa provides a serene atmosphere…not only because it’s a spa, but because of the staff and quality of produces and services. The staff here is EXTREMELY friendly and an absolute treat to converse with, as soon as you come through the door. 

This spa is fully equipped with bar showers (the walk-in ones), rain showers, saunas, complementary scrubs and a just about everything you can not think of….trust me, they have it covered. Trilogy caters to not only providing wonderful and effective spa facial and massage services, but also to the long-term wellness and relaxation of their customers.

 After I received my full rejuvenation facial my technician Marissa (get her, she is the best) gave me a thorough assessment of my skin. We talked about ways in which I can maintain my skin’s care during the day and at night. No, she didn’t spend time forcing me to book another appointment, I asked her suggestions for my skin care and she gladly obliged. She didn’t even make me feel pressured to buy products for my skin-it felt like a long-term investment for me. 

Now, although I was not 30 minutes early for my facial treatment (Beverly Hills traffic 🚗), I was still encouraged to use the relaxation facilities, in which I’m currently still here…on the balcony. Several staff members have come, ready to take my order for foods of my choice from the menu of the restaurant next door and provided me with complimentary champagne!


It looks like I will get very little work done today because this spa has completely changed my perspective of Manhatten Beach area. Oh crap, I’m suppose to go to the fashion district…..I will get there 🙄

Among all the hustle, honking horns, fast drivers, and streets I quickly turned to find this place, it’s a true gem. If you are ever in the LA/Beverly Hills/Manhattan Beach….even within a 200-mile radius, do your mind and body a good service and come to Trilogy Spa. Now only if I could find a legit excuse to move here….💕✨✨😎

Trilogy Spa
(310)760-0044 or you can book a reservation through