What’s Your Chic – new items

I am so, so very excited about the new items we’ve added to our online store! Check out some of them and let us know what you think. Thank you so much for supporting us as a new brand and we hope that you will continue to watch us grow in the future. Here are our latest from the ‘Born Rebellious‘ ‘Vivid Journey‘ and ‘Dominique LaReaux‘ collections.   

What’s Your Chic – It’s Time….

It’s time…time to show that other side of you. Time to show that it doesn’t matter what ‘they’ think, it matters how you feel. Grasp your ‘chic’ and claim it. Step into a new era of fashion with this ‘Breathless Rebel’ Leather & Mesh Maxi. Know that your style is your very own at What’s Your Chic. 

Chic Of The Day

So this dress with its flowing material and simple, yet artsy design, kept reaching out and reminding me, ‘it’s still summer’. Now, let’s be honest here….there may be some parts of us we may not be acceptionally pleased with (like my mid section). This loose form-fitting dress gives the comfort of covering down to the elbow and showing off your shape without giving you that uncomfortable, snug feel. The breathable and cool material makes it ideal to wear during the day or even at night. Floral and Leaves Maxi Dress is my pick of the day. Check it out and many others at What’s Your Chic.