Stash it or Trash it Review: MD Private Selections

Hi Everyone!

Again, Happy New Year to you all (seems like I’ll be saying that all month, lol). My question is, am I the only person who has come across the MD Private Selections brand? I’ve looked all over YouTube and blogs for reviews and haven’t found any, soooo…..I decided to make a review of it on my own. I know its not the type of product you’ll come across in the pharmacy but I did manage to find it in TJ Maxx. Well, lesson #1 for me is that just because its in TJ Maxx does not necessarily mean that the product is close to expiration or has been tampered. The product works fairly well, just not something you want to use on a consistent basis. Anyway, check out my video and please like, comment , and subscribe


My product review: MD Private Selections

Happy New Year!!!!! Here is my review on one of the product reviews. Check out my video and please subscribe. I’ll be doing this and other vlogging videos this year. Let’s start the year off together. Enjoy!