What’s Your Chic – Men

Prouldy introducing our men’s jackets from our Men’s Collection at What’s Your Chic

What’s Your Chic -Men’s Jacket

Its time to make that move. Time to start putting those shorts away and start to up your swag with a Men’s Faux Leather Jacket. Available at What’s Your Chic.

Chic Of The Day – Monday Heat

wyc-men                                                    This model has defitintely got my attention.
Such exciting piece of man and shirt. Available  (the shirt, not the model) at: What’s Your Chic

DIRT T Shirt – What’s Your Chic

DIRT T Shirt – What's Your Chic


WhatsYourChic.com #WhatsYourChic.com

I’m loving this set, made by lorrainekeenan on Polyvore. Enjoy your day. Message me, I’d love to hear from you♥WhatsYourChic.com  #WhatsYourChic.com


What’s Your Chic sponsored contest – Win $50 gift card!

What's Your Chic sponsored contest - Win $50 gift card!


Chic of the Day – Fall is here🍂

Fall is here and there’s always a stylish way to bring it in. We have our ‘Head in the Clouds’ collection of mermaid blankets. How unique is that??? They are available in a multi-blue colorgreycream, and taupe. Check it out at What’s Your Chic boutique.

Chic of the Day – Maxi dress

Lovely like touch of class with the mid-season maxi dress. ‘Sexy Ex’ maxi dress is the name and What’s Your Chic is the boutique the carries it. Enjoy visiting our store. 💐sexy-ex-maxi-dress-frontsexy-ex-maxi-dress-back


Chic Of The Day -Midnight Butterfly

midnight-butterflyWell now aren’t you just a pretty thing in your ‘Midnight Butterfly’ bodycon! I really like that on you. I’m gonna find a cute dress for me on that website too. What’s the name of the website? Oh, okay What’s Your Chic.