Chic Of The Day-Dancing Ribbon

“Fashion is what you’re offered four times a year by designers. Style is what you choose”

  • Lauren Hutton

‘Dancing Ribbon’ Flare Jumpsuit


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Chic Of The Day

Barcelona MoonlightSome things need very little introduction, like this ‘Barcelona Moonlight’ maxi. Some things in life are simply breathless.

Enjoy ♥

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Tamar and Vince – ONTD blog smacked me

tamar-and-vince-season-4-episode-1Sooo….here I am going on by my merry little way through the light-hearted and sunny skies of the internet and then……BOOOM!!!! smacked me in the face with this post on Tamar and Vince article . So now that I’ve been updated on Tamar and Vince’s relationship, that I surely thought would last, I got the sad face today ☹. I like these two together and I hope things make a turn for the better. Good luck Tamar and Vince!!! Also, don’t forget to visit our site: What’s Your Chic

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Shoe Of The Day

Caged BootsOh…my…goodness. How can we pass these boots up? There’s no way that we can look at these peep toes and not think absolutely fearless! There are little words that can explain this gorgeous set of leg decorations. Caged Peep Toe Over The Knee Stiletto Boot. Enjoy and check out the rest of our collection at What’s Your Chic.

Chic Of The Day

Wrap Me PrettyWell, just wrap me pretty! These plus size pieces have the smaller girls a bit jealous! Lovely lines and design doesn’t take on the responsibility of making our plus-size beauty look smaller, it actually compliments the curves. Such a beautiful dress. Embrace your curves girl, we love them! Check out this dress: Striped Jersey Maxi Dress. Visit What’s Your Chic. Enjoy!!!

Chic Of The Day

Edgy BodysuitFirst off, let me say that this bodysuit does not require the person that is wearing it to have a perfect body. As a matter of fact, lets dispel any thought that a particular body type is needed to wear a bodysuit. A simply blazer over this bodysuit can provide a sense of comfort and still look sexy. This piece can not be ignored. Enjoy! Mock Neck Cut Out Bodysuit. Visit us at What’s Your Chic