An update on ‘Dee’ and What’s Your Chic


First off, I want to thank my supporters and followers on WordPress. Initially, I was apprehensive about even showing my face for fear of potential customers not wanting to take interest in my boutique and other platforms because I’m a woman of color. Thank you, thank you, thank you……the encouragement has helped me pushed myself out of the shadows.

Nails:  Michelle So’Deaupp


Photography: Robert C Wiliams/ RCWPhotography

Although I’m still a work in progress and constantly working to build What’s Your Chic, I owe my journey thus far to you. Because of your motivation, I’m still here, sharing with the world and stepping into my own light.



‘Iced Flames’ Asymmetrical Dress – What’s Your Chic

'Iced Flames' Asymmetrical Dress – What's Your Chic


‘Here For One Night’ Velvet Off-The-Shoulder Dress – What’s Your Chic

'Here For One Night' Velvet Off-The-Shoulder Dress – What's Your Chic


What’s your chic?

What's your chic?


White evening dress

White evening dress

Claudette evening purse

Creamy eyeshadow


Chic of the Day – Blazer Swag

WhatsYourChic 2



Blazer jacket

Suede shoes

Dixie Red

Chic of the Day – Polyvore

What's Your Chic Contest


White top

Heels stiletto

White bag



What’s Your Chic – ‘Rebellious Soul’

"Rebellious Soul"