Fashion Designer: Damir Doma

There is something to be admired about a person who refuses to be deterred or ignore because they are ‘new’ on the scene. Enter Damir Doma. Doma is a Croatian born luxury designer. Although he graduated from fashion school in 2004, he has studied the likes in Munich and Berlin.  He has been referenced in recent hip hop songs and is followed closely and work is admired by celebrities such as Rihanna, Kanye West, Lenny Kravitz, and Rosario Dawson. Here are examples of his work: 





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Fashion Designer: Liz Vandal

Don’t think that you know French fashion designer Liz Vandal? If you’ve been to Cirque du Soleil’s  show Ovo, you have seen her work. Starting her official career as a fashion designer in 1988, this French Canadian designed the for likes of the Backstreet Boys and The Washington Ballet

While being a self-taught designer, Vandal is said to have created ‘Ovo‘ elaborate costumes with inspiration from the innovative designers Issey Miyake and Pierre Cardin. According to her official website, “2018 will see two major productions with Vandal costumes : “The Wizard of OZ” premiering in October 2018 and “Alice in Wonderland” presented by the Honk Kong Ballet”. (, n.d.)

Please enjoy some of Liz Vandal’s legendary work in the name of art and dance.


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Elaine Turner

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CyberBullying – Reclaiming My Peace

Liberated and at peace     I want to take this time out to open up to the people who are following What’s Your Chic here on WordPress and all of our other media platforms. Everyone has a story. I won’t bore you but I will share because I think its important to not only me, but others who have or are currently going through it. Since 2008, I have been a victim of cyberbullying. I’ve had emails hacked and my character has been under attack for years from my ex-spouse and his current wife.

I’m telling this story because bullying does not occur with just kids, it can happen to anyone. I felt alone, secluded, and just emotionally beaten. I was in fear of launching What’s Your Chic because of the constant attacks. With the help of close friends, my father’s ex-wife, and most-importantly my mother, I recently gathered the courage to attempt to live a normal life. My mother mentored me constantly in the last years before she died and pushed me to launch What’s Your Chic prior to her death, in which I did successfully. I truly believe that’s what allowed her to leave this Earth peacefully…knowing her only child was going to be okay. My family, friends, and even coworkers have been subject to the emotional abuse that was intended for me, but we are all still standing. 

My struggle continues but I am here and I want to be an example that there is life and its worth living, despite people calling you a ‘whore’ ‘dumb’ ‘worthless’ ‘stupid’ ‘ugly’. Please share my story with all that you know. I refuse to live in fear and I will continue to work hard on my dream of making What’s Your Chic a success, despite the attacks. Love you all and most importantly, love yourself and each other.


Dominique  “Dee”


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